Amazon Research Tools

Jungle Scout is probably the most well-known Amazon tool out there. They have expanded their offer with various services, to go along with their robust research tools.

They also offer a free trial so you can test things out before making a final decision. Their pricing is a bit cheaper to start off with, but one of the drawbacks is that you need to pay separately for the Chrome extension.

I mention this because the Chrome add-on can be very helpful and reduce research time, as it gives real-time metrics about products directly in the Amazon search pages.

AMZScout offers a very good set of research tools, but as far as I can tell at least, no extra services in their portfolio yet. That shouldn’t be a deal breaker at this point, since you should focus on finding a good product first and foremost

They also offer free trials if you want to get familiar with their tools, and they have the cheapest prices compared to the competitors.

A great overall solution that offers multiple tools and services. There is an option for a free trial, so you can get a feel for the tools, and you can upgrade if you are satisfied.

You don’t need to start with the most expensive plan right off the bat. You can start with one month of the basic plan for the initial research and then extend and expand as you need.

The advantage of Viral Launch is that all the tools are integrated and you get everything bundled into the same price, both in terms of their web interface and the Chrome add-on.

I haven’t used their services too much, but they are a well-known and established brand in the Amazon product search tools domain.

They have a selection of tools for product and keyword research, as well as services to help you manage your Amazon listing. There’s a free plan available to get you started, so you have absolutely no reason not to give them a look and see if you like their offer.

Payment Platforms

A payment platform dedicated to global commerce. It offers options to receive international payments via marketplaces and networks, receiving accounts like Amazon FBA or payment requests.

Payoneer also allows you to manage your funds and make payments directly from the Payoneer account.

In their own words, Revolut for Business is a business account platform for domestic and international payments, designed to save you time and money.

They offer domestic and international money transfers at great exchange rates, accounting tools to track your finances and automation options to save time and reduce the risk of errors.

A global payments platform for international trade that offers business accounts in 10 different currencies. They specialize in making and receiving secure international payments at very good exchange rates.

Social Media Management

If you want to create beautiful and engaging posts for your social media accounts, I highly recommend Stencil.

Stencil will allow you to quickly create beautiful social media graphics using a simple, but powerful, design tool.

Another design tool that you can leverage to build visual assets for your brand.

Canva offers images, photo filters, icons, shapes and fonts to help you design presentations, social media graphics, and more in just a few minutes.

To keep track of everything going on in your social media presence, look no further than Social Bee.

Social Bee is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts, re-use content, keep track of your social engagement and automate a lot of the activity related to your social media presence.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Density Analyzer from SeoBook will help you analyze Amazon competitor product pages.

You can either paste a text or directly the competitor link, and quickly see the keywords used, and how many times they appear on the listing.

In their own words, Keyword Inspector is a suite of individual tools meant to help Amazon sellers gain an advantage over the competition and find, sell, optimize more products.
They offer multiple tools to analyze the Amazon competition with subscription based monetization.

Keyword Tool Dominator is a tool you can use to find long tail keywords your target audience is searching for.

They offer a complete suite of free to use keyword tools, as well as paid options with unlimted functionalities.

Merchant Words boasts about having a database of over one billion Amazon keyword phrases and insights.

By using their tools, you’ll be able to improve your Amazon listings, spy on the competition, discover a product niche, find just the right keywords for your PPC campaigns, and get more sales.

Freelance Services

One of the most well-known freelancing platforms. On Fiverr you can find people that can help you out with all sorts of services like graphics and design work,writing, translation and many others.

The pricing model has moved away from the initial idea of paying $5 for a service, but it’s still an affordable solution with quality freelancers.

99designs is a global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients to work together to create designs.

The platform connects talented freelance designers with entrepreneurs and businesses and you can leverage these services when building your private label brand.

Upwork is a more general freelance platform, similar to Fiverr, but oriented more towards long term services, rather than one-off requests

You can find a variety of services offered, like web development,design, writing, marketing and others.

One way to ensure you have an optimized Amazon product page is to use a specialized business that offers these services.

A great example is the team at The Listing Factory. They have various bundles with services such as copy writing and keyword research, Pay Per Click campaign setups and even product photography and video creation.

Domain & Hosting

NameCheap is a reliable registrar for your domain name.

You will need a domain name when you want to set-up your customized e-mail address, as well as your Shopify store.

InMotion offers hosting services for your domain.

If you choose to build your own website, or blog, you can use their services. However, it’s not applicable for Shopify stores, since they use their own platform for hosting.

It can be useful though if your want to go a different route, like WooComerce or other types of online stores.

If you want to learn how to take advantage of all these tools, check out the private label guides for Amazon FBA and Shopify stores, starting with Chapter 1: