Learn about the Private Label model used in Amazon FBA and Shopify Stores

Welcome and thank you for visiting Private Label Journey.

This is a very personal project for me, through which I’m hoping I can help and guide some people looking to start their own online business, as well as learn a few new things myself.

You’re probably wondering what qualifies me to write these guides and pieces of advice, and the answer is simple: nothing! There is no exact science for this, no template, no set path that can guarantee your success, and any “Guru” that claims otherwise is most likely bullshitting to try to get you to buy a course or a service.

Private Label Journey is Open

What I’m sharing here is information I’ve gathered from various paid courses and trainings, amounting to a few thousand dollars overall, as well as things I’ve read and documented from multiple online sources.

Alongside this I’ve gathered direct feedback from people I know that have success selling their own products (anywhere from 20K $/month, all the way to someone selling over 100K $/month) and ultimately my own experiences trying, failing, and trying again to launch my own business.

"It’s more likely that you will fail on your first attempt(s) rather than succeed."

I believe the word “journey” is very appropriate for a website like this because, if you are committed to starting an online business, you’ll have to realize that this is a long-term endeavor, with a lot of ups and downs, hardships and moments where everything will seem to fall apart.

And the likelihood of things falling apart is actually very high. It’s more likely that you will fail on your first attempt(s) rather than succeed. You need to be conscious of that fact and accept it as a reality when you move forward.

Out of all the people that I know personally from all the courses and trainings, very few have been successful in launching their businesses and only a handful did it on the first product. The key is to keep pushing, but in a smart way, which means cutting your losses, pivoting and being agile when you must, and keep trying various approaches and until things “click” and your business picks up.

"Using Amazon Private Label and the FBA method is still lucrative these days, but much harder than in previous years."

The guide I will be outlining moving forward is going to take you through various steps required to start a business and build a brand. I’ll try to cover general and administrative topics related to owning a company, then move to the big pink elephant in the room – Amazon FBA – and finally migrating to your own platform to sell goods in a Shopify store.

Using Amazon Private Label and the FBA method is still lucrative these days, but much harder than in previous years, and this will be mainly your “launch pad” and the “training ground” for your new brand. Once the product / brand is mature you will be able to transition into your own platform, like a Shopify store, leveraging the momentum already built in Amazon, but with more freedom and overall less costs.

Finally, I want to mention that I’m not planning on selling a course, a training, a book, a service or anything of the sort. Like I said at the start, for me this is a personal project I’ve been thinking of creating for quite a while, and now I’m putting everything together “on paper”.

The only way I plan on monetizing this website is by providing some affiliate links to services I’ve used and that I believe in. I will mention whenever I do this, and it will come at no cost to you – in fact I’m hoping to maybe even get some discounts, so you can have an easier start. Every small discount you can get at the beginning and every dollar saved, adds up to a lot at the end of the year.

I encourage you to have a look through my tips, tricks, guides and advice, and I sincerely hope they will give you a head start and an edge in front of the competition in the private label business: a tough and difficult endeavor, but a beautiful journey worth taking!

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