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Increase your ROI with wiser Amazon business decisions

Starting an Amazon business is one of the hardest steps of the journey you envision yourself doing as an online entrepreneur.

There is no recipe to tell you what to do, where to start from or what product you might sell that will bring a satisfactory ROI.

Luckily, there is are a bunch of tools out there to ease this initial phase of starting your first or new Amazon business, and the richest ones even provide capabilities of monitoring your product performance post launch as well.

AMZScout Extension PRO is one of those complex tools, with various features and graphs that will make the research, listing and monitoring of your product easier. It is a Chrome extension that you can add simply and start analyzing the market, trends and performance of various Amazon businesses, but most importantly, your own.


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There are several ways in which you can use the Extension PRO, but a natural flow would be to start with the Web app. This will get you straight into the Amazon database, ready to be used as a starting point to brainstorm your product choice.

Once you identified what you will sell, you need to create a listing and with this extension you practically have an assistant doing the research for you. You can also see if and how many other possible competitors are checking out the same niche as you do, making sure that you don’t launch a product into an already overcrowded market. Instead, you might want to check the niche trends graphs and see a history of the most profitable ones.

This gives you the advantage to position yourself in the market first-hand, before any other competitor.

Want a quick breakdown of features? Check out this official video from AMZScout!

Move further with the keyword research feature to identify the ones that you can use to bring your listing up in the multitude of products existing and added daily on Amazon. Use this tool to choose keywords based on search volume and categories they are a part of.  The keyword data you find can be downloaded in Excel for later processing, or analyzed immediately.

Pro tip: learn more about keywords in our guide about building your Amazon product page.

Good keywords will also provide you with a good pool of material for one of the most important steps for your business: advertising your listing(s).

The chances are that you will not be the only seller out there with the type of product you identified and currently selling. Keeping up with the competition is as important as finding a good product and releasing it.

The Product Tracker is a good way to check out how the competitors are doing as well as how your own product is doing post-launch. Combine this with budget and profitability predictions, and you should be able to always keep a good track of how your product will perform.

AMZScout Extension Pro is a good ally for a profitable business on Amazon.

You can always check the quality of your listing with graphs showing the frequency of keywords across product titles and keywords tracking based on the ASIN number.

You get info on keywords based on rank, page, position, competition and a graphic visualization of keyword changes.

AMZScout Extension Pro
AMZScout provides a clear and concise breakdown of all the essential information you need

Finally, you have the possibility to check your competitors’ stock from a generous number of countries and see all the sellers and info on a specific niche you choose.

As an Amazon entrepreneur, your goal is to sell more and ultimately to earn more. Tools like AMZScout Extension Pro contribute to this final goal of an Amazon seller by providing insight that helps you make informed decisions for your business.

It should take from a totally unknown territory to a better understanding of the markets, strategies and products performance.

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